Chin Implants – 7 Questions to Ask Your Melbourne Plastic Surgeon

When it comes to chin implants, patients should ensure that they conduct thorough research into the procedure. Plenty of time should be spent asking questions and learning more about the procedure.

The chin implant procedure can increase both the height and the projection of the chin. A chin that is not well-balanced when compared to other facial features can result in the nose looking too large or too small. The chin augmentation procedure offers subtle results that can help to bring balance and symmetry to the face.

This list of 7 questions are the the questions that Dr. Morris Ritz gets most often from those looking to learn more about the procedure.

1. Can the chin augmentation procedure be performed with other procedures?

The the chin implant procedure is quite often performed on its own. It can, however, be performed with other procedures that can help to enhance the facial features of the patient.

Many patients who have the chin implant surgery often consult with a plastic surgeon to address concerns with their nose, jawline or neck. During the consultation, the plastic surgeon may recommend a facelift or a neck lift, along with liposuction on the neck. Some may have the rhinoplasty procedure at the same time as the chin implant procedure.
Be sure to effectively communicate your goals and your needs with your surgeon, so you can be assured of the best possible results.

2. Can the chin implant alter the appearance of the neck?

By boosting the projection of the chin, other parts of the face and neck may take on a leaner, angular and youthful appearance. Many patients are able to skip the neck lift procedure simply by altering the appearance of their chin. Adding in a neck lift may help to reduce some of the loose skin that the chin implant doesn’t tighten up.

3. How does the chin augmentation procedure make such a big difference?

Like the nose, the chin has an important role in ensuring that the face and neck have a balanced look to them. Plastic surgeon Dr. Morris Ritz notes that the widely held opinion is that men are often thought to be more attractive when they have a strong and square chin. Balance is important for both men and women, however.

4. What is the relationship between the chin and the nose?

A large nose can make a relatively normal-sized chin appear to be small. A small chin can make a relatively normal-sized nose appear to be too big. Quite often, the rhinoplasty procedure alone can restore symmetry and balance. For some patients, however, neglecting to address concerns with the chin may not completely diagnose and resolve concerns with the nose.
Addressing both can ensure that balance patients are looking for.

5. Is the chin implant permanent?

Once the chin has been allowed to heal, the chin implant will remain in position.

According to Dr. Morris Ritz, the implant itself is solid and won’t ever spring a leak, like is possible for a breast implant. The chin implant should last a lifetime.

6. Can the chin implant be removed?

Most patients love the results of their chin augmentation and don’t want to remove it. Others, however, may change their minds on the implant at some point in the future. Removing the implant is quite a straightforward procedure. Most removals can be done without issue.

7. Are there varying shapes and sizes in chin implants Melbourne patients can pick from?

During your consultation with Dr. Ritz you’ll learn that there are a number of shapes and sizes in chin implants. The type that will work best for you will be determined by your cosmetic goals. Implants can be narrow, thin, tall or wrap around the jawbone. They can be pointed or squared. Dr. Ritz can help to guide you towards the best choice in shape and size to best enhance your natural features.

The more questions that you ask of your plastic surgeon, the better informed you’ll be. Dr. Ritz welcomes questions and is quick to address any concerns that his patients may have. Remember that the more confident you feel about your surgeon and the procedures, the better you’ll be able to make the right decisions to help you meet your cosmetic goals for your chin.

Are you ready to schedule your consultation with Dr. Ritz? Place your trust in Dr. Ritz and his extensive experience, to get the results you’re looking for. Call to book your appointment, today.

Chin Implants – 7 Questions to Ask Your Melbourne Plastic Surgeon