What are my options to lift and define my neck?

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What a Neck Lift Can Do for You

If you have sagging skin in the face and neck, it can be frustrating to figure out what’s the best option to help you get rid of loose skin to restore a more youthful appearance. Mr Morris Ritz talks with patients every day about their choices in plastic surgery concerning facelifts and neck lifts. Many patients want to know, what is the best option and how do I know I need a neck lift, or if a facelift will take care of the problem?

Your Consultation Reveals All

Heading into your doctor’s office will help ease a lot of stress when it comes to making these decisions about whether or not to have plastic surgery and what procedures to think on. Upon consultation with your plastic surgeon, they will sit with you and talk about your goals with plastic surgery which can help your doctor learn more about what you expect from your results. During this consultation, your surgeon will look over all the main points of your facial skin laxity and where it begins. Many patients could benefit most from a facelift or from anti-ageing injections that will slow this process of volume loss and sagging, loose skin.

Do I need a neck lift?

When patients come in that have a relatively younger looking face, all skin sitting in the appropriate placement, but the skin around the neck is drooping, this means a neck lift is in order. Turkey neck is the biggest giveaway that the skin around the neck needs to be lifted and any excess should be removed to help promote a more sculpted looking neckline. If you have severe sagging skin in the neck, then a surgical neck lift is your best option to remove all the excess skin from years of weight fluctuations and tissue breakdown. Depending on the depth of laxity in the neck and how far down it goes, there are other options, surgical and nonsurgical, that could benefit you as well.

What are my options for neck lift?

Surgical Neck Lift – For patients that have severe ageing signs in the neck, including neck bands that are caused by the platysma muscles that can begin to break down, surgery is the best option. The neck is often the first thing that starts to reveal our age and surface treatments may temporarily appease this issue, but surgery can lift and tighten the neck muscles (SMAS) into a fresh position. Any extra fatty tissues around the neck can be liposuctioned away, and the remaining skin is lifted and trimmed to fit your new neckline. This procedure helps to contour the neck, redefine your jawline and is also a more lasting option.

Botulinum Toxin Injections – Some physicians often use anti-ageing injections to help reduce movement of the muscles in the neck if patients are at the beginning stages of skin laxity and banding around the neck and décolletage. The platysma muscles are injected with botulinum toxin to immobilise these muscles and allow the skin smooth out on its own to prevent deeper lines from forming. Often this nonsurgical neck lift is called the Nefertiti Neck Lift.

Thermage – The lifting of the skin and underlying muscle by radiofrequency is one noninvasive approach to a nonsurgical neck lift. Patients do find that this treatment can help to lift and redefine the skin in the face, neck and décolletage without incisions. Thermage works to reinvigorate new collagen and elastin fibres that create a base for healthy, young skin. This treatment isn’t offered everywhere, but can help those with mild skin laxity. Also, it may require several treatments that need to be redone over the years.

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What are my options to lift and define my neck?