When Getting Rhinoplasty, Consider the Chin

nose and chin surgery patientSo what’s in a profile? Or, more importantly, what’s in your profile?
Our nose is generally considered to be the key feature of our face, and while our honker may hog the limelight in that regard – many overlook the importance of our chin in maintaining a balanced, proportioned face.

Rhinoplasty (or as it’s commonly known – a nose job) is the second most popular plastic surgery in Australia and while many of us are unhappy with the shape of our nose, your chin has an equally important role to play in the perception of your profile.

So, why take it on the chin?
Noticeably changing your facial silhouette doesn’t start and end with your nose.

Chin augmentation is a procedure that can help change the structure of your face, better balancing your facial features and is widely regarded as a great option to pair with rhinoplasty.

The procedure involves an implant being inserted on top of the bone and under your muscle, shaped to complement your facial features and balance your profile.

Pairing chin augmentation with rhinoplasty achieves a more aesthetically pleasing profile and many patients have reported superior, longer lasting results when combining these procedures.

It’s all about perspective…
Perspective is important when it comes to determining the proportion of your nose to the rest of your face.

Your chin has a big part to play in how prominent your nose really looks – magnifying or minimising the perceived size amidst your facial profile.

Which really means, a receding or weak chin is not doing your nose any favours – so why not look to complement your rhinoplasty with chin augmentation?

Combining rhinoplasty and chin augmentation: the benefits
There’s a range of benefits to combining these two widely popular cosmetic procedures, first and foremost both features will be equally enhanced – a perfect match.

Additionally, you’re only up for one round of anaesthesia (reducing any potential anaesthesia related risks) as well as only having a single recovery period.

In most cases, there is little to no impact on the length of your recovery by having your rhinoplasty and chin augmentation at the same time.

The combined results, while dramatic, are more natural looking with a significant improvement to the balance and proportion of your face.

What you can expect…
In your initial consultation with an experienced plastic surgeon like Dr Morris Ritz, you’ll be able to find out if this surgery combination is ideal in meeting your needs.

The assessment is based on a number of elements, including an evaluation of your facial profile. In the case of rhinoplasty, the structural make-up of your nose will also need to be taken into account – which can mean limitations on how much it can be altered.

Realistic expectations are important when approaching any cosmetic procedure, particularly rhinoplasty, with negative impacts on airflow and breathing needing to be considered as part of your initial assessment.

Dr Ritz works in all areas of plastic and reconstructive surgery and will provide a range of suitable options taking into account your specific needs for surgery and post-operative care.

Giving you all the information you need, Dr Ritz is also equipped with the latest 3D Vectra imaging – offering 3D photographs of you and 3D image of your new look post-surgery.

More information
While these surgeries are a great pair, that doesn’t mean they can’t also work wonders flying solo. To learn more about rhinoplasty or chin augmentation, contact specialist surgeon Morris Ritz of Melbourne Institute of Plastic Surgery by completing a contact form or calling (03) 9508 9503.

When Getting Rhinoplasty, Consider the Chin