Which Cosmetic Face Surgery is Best for Me?

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In a modern day society where there are always new and improved treatments, procedures and techniques being discovered, it is hard to know exactly what you need. Let us unravel the mumbo jumbo on your behalf so you can understand and make informed decisions. Because going in for a Brow Lift and coming out with new breasts wouldn’t be ideal… or would it?

Mr Ritz offers a selection of cosmetic facial procedures that treat a variety of different problems. Let’s take a look at what you would need with the following issues:

My nose doesn’t suit the rest of my face:

This is where a Rhinoplasty comes in. A Rhinoplasty is a procedure that can substantially reshape the nose. Otherwise known as a ‘nose job’ it is more than just cosmetic. The procedure itself can fix breathing problems by correcting defects, opening up the nostrils and correcting angular issues or other problems associated with a deviated septum. On top of these issues, the procedure also helps to make the nose look aesthetically pleasing. Mr Morris Ritz is able to smoothen out and straighten the nose, creating the desired shape whilst also ensuring that the nose functions correctly.

A very important aspect of a Rhinoplasty procedure is making sure that the new nose shape provides harmony to the rest of the facial features. If you feel like your nose is out of place, then this would be the perfect procedure for you.

My ears stick out and are a little big:

Otherwise known as an Otoplasty, this procedure can instil all patients with a new and improved sense of confidence. For many people, their ears become the main focus, and as commonly seen on children, stick out, away from their head. A otoplasty can be performed on both children and adults and ensures that the ears sit naturally alongside the head and are also proportionate to the rest of the facial features.

Otoplasty is also a procedure that can correct the size and shape of the ears to an extent. Once the incision is made, Mr Ritz is given access to the cartilage, which can be shaped accordingly.

I wish I had a more pronounced chin:

Whether it is due to the medical condition, Micrognathia (where the jaw is undersized) or simply due to you feeling self conscious about the smallness of your chin and/or jaw, the best way to tackle the situation is with a Chin Augmentation.

Often teamed with other procedures such as Rhinoplasty, a chin augmentation is carried out to change the structure of the face and to again provide a more harmonious balance. During the procedure, a small incision is made under the chin, or inside the mouth and an implant is then placed in the chin area to increase the size, change the shape and alter the overall look of the face in the process.

My brows are beginning to droop at the ends:

The answer? A Brow Lift. There are several different variations depending on how the brows are drooping, with one being an overall lift of the brows and the other a slightly less invasive lift at the temporal area to lift the outer edges only. This is a great option if the origin of the brows have stayed in an ideal position.

When the brows start to sag downward it makes a dramatic difference to the face, as it is a very common sign of ageing. Not to mention that eyebrows are the expression king and queens, and by taking their power away, they resort to being lowly commoners, with no control over the facial expressions anymore.

Mr Morris Ritz happily puts them back on the throne where they belong by removing excess skin and returning symmetry to the features. There is little scarring due to carefully placed incisions and the results are very noticeable. The downtime is minimal and you’ll be back to your expressive ways in no time.

My face looks worn & tired and I wish I didn’t have so many wrinkles:

Here we would recommend a facelift. Whether it is a full facelift, making incisions from ear to ear just beyond the hairline or a mini facelift, with smaller incisions, it will give the effect required. As we all age, the skin becomes more lax and wrinkles appear. Certain areas of our skin will slowly sag, such as the forehead and brows, eyelids, cheeks and neck, making the face and neck areas look and feel older than they necessarily are.

A facelift tightens the excess skin and repositions it to diminish signs of ageing whilst smoothing out lines in the process. The excess skin is trimmed and the procedure can be performed alongside others such as eyelid surgery, a brow lift and a neck lift.

Speaking of neck lift, this is an important procedure to potentially add onto your facelift. Sagging, ageing skin doesn’t restrict itself to the face and face region only. For this reason, we recommend a neck lift to eliminate the excess skin from the chin to the chest. During this procedure, an incision is usually made under the chin or behind the ears, the excess skin trimmed and tightened and the muscles tightened also. Both procedures bring contoured shape back into the face and neck and allow a more youthful, trim and smooth appearance.

I can’t apply makeup well anymore because my eyelids are sagging:

Blepharoplasty (otherwise known as eyelid surgery) will fix this issue completely. Mr Ritz removes the excess skin and fatty tissue from the lower & upper lids as well as addressing bags underneath the eyes. For some it can droop far enough to impact their vision, for others it is simply and sadly affecting their self esteem as they are struggling to apply makeup and feel that their face looks much older than it should. The incision is made along the crease of the eyelid, therefore any minimal scarring is not noticeable, being hidden in the natural fold of the skin.

We hope that the above explanations have shed some light on what was previously a shadowed topic. No one likes to be kept in the dark, least of all your skin, so give us a call with any further questions and concerns you may have on 03 9508 9503. We look forward to seeing you.

Which Cosmetic Face Surgery is Best for Me?